The deals of Last 12 Months

001 Deals

Please see below a selection of transactions completed by the Invenio team in the last 12 months.

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002 equityFundraise

Kyckr enables its clients to effectively manage their regulatory KYC obligations through a range of commercially proven products, uniquely built on the most extensive network of official corporate data sources.

Value: £2,000,000


003 equityFundraise

Assisted Exergyn Limited in raising capital to finance the mass-market commercialisation of its zero-emission products from a US multinational.

Value: €5,000,000


004 buyside

CSG provides contract cleaning, catering and vending services to a significant number of clients across the North of England and the Midlands.

Value: £8,000,000

The Cambridge Strategy

005 sellside

The Cambridge Strategy (Asset Management) Limited (TCS) acquired a UK-based currency alpha investment firm, which offers cutting-edge currency alpha strategies for return-seeking investors. TCS has over $3 billion in assets under management.

Value: $7,000,000


006 buyside

OpenView is the UK’S largest privately-owned independent security company and provides unique, innovative and technologically excellent solutions to meet individual client needs in both the private and public sectors.

Value: Undisclosed


007 sellside

Altius are a leading provider of supply chain compliance services and software to organisations around the world.

Value: $13,000,000


008 acquisition

Garraway Capital Management acquired a trade finance team which would diversify the asset class offering of the business and its affiliates.

Value: Undisclosed

Stratton Street

009 sellside

Invenio assisted in the sale of Stratton Street, a London based fund management and advisory company founded in August 2000 specialising in fixed income markets.

Value: Undisclosed

Blackfriars Asset Management

010 sellside

Invenio assisted in the sale of Blackfriars Asset Management, a London based fund management boutique specialising in global emerging market investments.

Value: Undisclosed