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Below is a selection of past transactions successfully completed by members of the team.

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TV Whitespace Broadband

002 equityFundraise

The business is pioneering the commercial use of line of sight radio and TV WhiteSpace to connect remote rural communities. Using radio spectrum made available by the shift from analogue to digital TV, the technology

Value: $4,000,000

Arx Maritime

003 equityFundraise

The Company provides innovative security products and risk awareness solutions to the Maritime Security Market. ARX is passionate about technology, driven by innovation and work to secure a safer environment for the Maritime industry.

Value: £3,000,000


004 acquisition

AGIT is a subsidiary of PT Astra Graphia, Tbk. (Astragraphia) – a member of ASTRA family. Founded in 1976, Astragraphia is an IT-based Business Solutions provider with Fuji Xerox as its main partner. Listed on

Value: $10,000,000


005 sellside

Science: Healthcare & Life Sciences Bioline is an evolving international company, which develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of specialized bio-research reagents that simplify, accelerate and improve life sciences research.

Value: $18,000,000


006 sellside

Equator is an agency specialised in hospitality for motor sports, especially Formula 1.

Value: $7,000,000


007 sellside

Blackstar Amplification is a producer of guitar amplifiers and effects units based in Northampton, England.

Value: $8,000,000


008 sellside

BMT provides engineering and scientific services and solutions to industry, commerce, policy makers, regulators and public sector operators.

Value: $4,000,000

Universal World Events

009 sellside

Universal WorldEvents Ltd. is a full-service global event management company. The Company specializes in the healthcare sector.

Value: $34,000,000

BSL World

010 sellside

Global sports hospitality business, featuring at a number of recognised sporting events.

Value: $3,000,000

Davy Markham

011 sellside

DavyMarkham Limited was a UK-based Engineering firm that designed, manufactured and serviced hoists, winches, compensating sheaves and other hoisting related equipment for the global Mining Industry.

Value: $15,000,000

Expert Agent

012 sellside

Expert Agent property software has been supporting estate and letting agencies to run their business.

Value: $4,000,000


013 sellside

The Development Initiative - provides commercial landmine clearance and explosive ordnance disposal in inaccessible and often hostile locations.

Value: Not disclosed


014 sellside

SSP are the largest supplier of wholesale hats in the UK. With over 1500 constantly updating product lines SSP have hats to suit every type of retailer and every occasion.

Value: $8,000,000

My Voucher Codes

015 sellside is an online voucher code company.

Value: $18,000,000


016 sellside

Palagan is the leading manufacturer of customised high-performance polythene packaging in the UK.

Value: £6,000,000

Giga Communications

017 sellside

Giga Communications manufactures and distributes technology products. The Company produces and markets satellite communications equipment, including vehicle based antennas, modems, controllers, and converters. Giga Communications serves customers throughout the world.

Value: £42,000,000